Lieutenant Governor Sue Ellspermann visits Wabash for “Stellarbration”

by Eric Stearley


Tuesday, Sept. 2 was a day of celebration and congratulation as Lieutenant Governor Sue Ellspermann visited Wabash for the official “Stellarbration.” The event was a chance for Ellspermann to congratulate Wabash on its Stellar Communities designation and for Mayor Vanlandingham to recognize the community leaders who made it possible.

Originally scheduled to take place on the Honeywell Center Plaza, the event was moved to Legacy Hall due to weather concerns. With nearly 200 in attendance, the event began with a performance of the national anthem by Wabash High School’s Symphonic Voices and an introduction by Mayor Vanlandingham. 

“I’ve been trying to think through the last few days how I want to go about doing this. This is what I think is a real Wabash introduction and a real Wabash welcome,” said Mayor Vanlandingham. “First off, our Lieutenant Governor is a wife and a mom, and if I remember right, you’re married to a high school or middle school administrator, so I know she’s intelligent,” Vanlandingham, a former school administrator, joked. “She’s honest and hardworking. She’s tough, but she’s fair. She’s easy to talk to, because she listens. She’s consistent in making decisions. She has a Ph.D. in engineering. I thought, ‘Man, she’s intelligent,’ then I found out it was from Purdue! Only joking.

“She’s no stranger to Wabash. She’s been here many times and is always welcome,” said Mayor Vanlandingham. “What I really like is she’s a champion for small communities, and today, she’s our champion.”

With that, the Lieutenant Governor took the stage and addressed the crowd.

Posted on 2014 Sep 09