Lagro man builds cabin that is off the grid

Andrew Chinworth talks about the solar panels at his home in Lagro. 

By Josh Sigler

LAGRO – As a child, Andrew Chinworth was enamored by the book “My Side of the Mountain.”

Particularly, he was taken by the part of the book where a young boy hollows out a tree and lives off of the land.
His life has taken its twists and turns, and now in his mid-20s, is living out a real life “My Side of the Mountain” in Lagro with a cabin run on solar power.

“I never thought I’d do it,” Chinworth, a North Manchester native, said. “If you’d have told me even five years ago that I would own property in Lagro, Indiana, I would’ve laughed in your face because I was living in New York, with dreams being a diplomat in Russia or something. But, here I am working on a small farm and living in the woods. Things change pretty quickly.”

Posted on 2018 May 22