Chamber honors 2 farm families
The Nathan Fingerle family (top photo) and the Jeff Hawkins family (bottom photo) pose for photos after being honored at the 2016 Farm Families of the Year Tuesday night, March 21, at the seventh annual Salute to Agriculture. The Fingerle family includes (in front of sign, from left) Serena Fingerle, Selah Fingerle, Salome Fingerle, Isaiah Fingerle, (middle row, from left) Malachi Fingerle, Grace Fingerle, Esther Shankster, Logan Fingerle, Chloe Fingerle, Diane Fingerle, Marcia Fingerle, (back row, from left) Carson Fingerle, Cheri Reiman, Elma and Doug Cook, Hadassah Fingerle, Marlin Fingerle and Nathan Fingerle. The Hawkins family includes Denise Snyder, Zach Hawkins, Nila Hawkins, Kira Lace Hawkins, Jeff Hawkins, Kathy Hawkins, Andrew Chinworth and Kyle Lahman. Snyder, Chinworth and Lahman are “farm-ily,” according to Mrs. Hawkins. (Not pictured David Moan and Sarah Hawkins Moan) Photos by Emma Rausch
By Emma Rausch
The Wabash County Chamber of Commerce honored the Nathan Fingerle and Jeff Hawkins family farms Tuesday night, March 21, at the seventh annual Salute to Agriculture as the 2016 Farm Families of the Year.
With both farms operating on less than 100 acres, the Fingerles and Hawkins exemplify how farmers can do more with less, according to Curt Campbell, Purdue Extension Wabash County Office educator.
Posted on 2017 Mar 28