Kevin Cordes and family honored as 2014 Farm Family of the Year





























By Emma Rausch

The Kevin Cordes family was named 2014’s Farm Family of the Year by the Wabash Chamber of Commerce for their involvement in and contributions to the community. The Cordes’s family farm has been in operation since 1958 when Cliff Cordes, Kevin’s father, originally purchased the land. Since then, Kevin has lived at his 1000-acre farm in Roann for 57 years, taking over the operation in the late 1970’s after college. Recently, he welcomed his son Jared’s family into the operation, converting ten acres into a blackberry field.

Kevin’s wife Peggy said she was honestly surprised they were chosen for the award.

“We’re kind of a small farm compared to today’s standards,” she said. “I give my husband a lot of credit, because of his farming methods and work.”

Posted on 2015 Jan 27