Bias act can help in drug fight
By Emma Rausch
The Wabash County Drug Task Force is down in manpower, but drug related arrests have remained consistent, according to Sheriff Bob Land.
“Everybody knows our drug task force is down two people,” he told The Paper of Wabash County in an interview, “but the way (the Sheriff’s Department) is working, the way (Wabash City Police) is working, we can take up the slack and assist our drug task force until (those positions are filled).”
Despite low numbers across all local law enforcement agencies, officers are still actively investigating drug related incidents and building cases against drug offenders, including those tied to drug overdose deaths, the Sheriff continued.
“Road officers, traffic stops are taking up the slack,” Land said. “So far in three months, we’ve made 15 drug arrests just off of traffic stops, and I know this month’s going to be just as good as last month.”
Local law enforcement have a number of tools to investigate drug-related situations, including the Len Bias Act, a federal law that can hold drug distributors responsible for a drug user’s death or any serious bodily injury that occurred, according to Sgt. Cory Roberts, Portland, Ore., Police Bureau Cold Case Homicide Unit who previously worked in that department’s Drugs and Vice Division.
Posted on 2016 Apr 26