Cuba, Guantanamo Bay, American travels
A ferry makes its way from Guantanamo Bay. It makes several trips there every day, bringing people to and from the area. Photo by Sarah Peters
By Sarah Peters 
A few months ago when I discovered I was going to have the chance to visit Cuba, I gave myself a small history lesson to prepare.
 It is no secret that Cuban and U.S. relations have been anything but cooperative for the last 5o-plus years.  The connection goes back as far as the Spanish-American War, when Cuba broke away from Spain.  
The Cuban government did this successfully, along with the United States’ assistance, which resulted in the U.S. gaining control of part of Cuba’s land and water, using it as an American Naval base, the 45 square mile area known as Guantanamo Bay (GTMO).  
This piece of land that the U.S. possesses is a large factor in the issues between Cuba and the United States. Cuba, simply put, wants its land back.  
Posted on 2016 Jun 28