WPD officers come to rescue of kitten stuck in car engine

By Mandy Mahan
Joseph Slacian


Jeanine Wine, Wabash County resident, was leaving the Francis Shoppe in Downtown Wabash when she heard a familiar noise coming from her car.

“After a rainy afternoon, I left my job at the Francis Shoppe on Market Street and started my car,” Wine told The Paper of Wabash County. “About one block away, I began to hear mewing sounds. ‘What now?’ I thought. The vehicle is due for an oil change. Then, ‘Maybe, I passed a passionate cat?’ But the mewing continued as I drove on. The cat sounded frightened, and distressed, and it seemed to be coming from under the hood of my car.”

Wine pulled over and popped her hood to see if she could find the culprit. She took a look and found a small black kitten who had taken refuge in her car.

Posted on 2021 Jul 13