Unified: Urbana church members now have one worship site

This past October of 2019, bricks fell at the site of Urbana’s Yoke Parish St. Peter’s Church.

A building that stood for over 100 years was torn down as a symbol of a church family coming together in one building to support financial stewardship and one focus, that focus being the entire congregation being “yoked” to God, together in one place.

Before October, there were two church buildings standing across from each other making up Urbana Yoke Parish, St. Peter’s Church and Grace United Methodist Church.

When these churches were started they each had their own denominational identity. St. Peter’s was Evangelical, and Grace was United Methodist.

In 1967, the two churches became one Yoke Parish Church, but held on to their separate denominations until 2012 when they joined further and became one non-denominational church. The congregation became one, with one pastor giving one sermon each Sunday, but the two buildings remained in use, each for six months of each year.

More recently, in October of 2017, more measures were being taken to further join the congregation into one church.

A feasibility committee was formed to do a study to find out which building was more cost efficient to use as a full-time church, including research of the parsonage that stood next to the St. Peter’s building.

Posted on 2019 Dec 10