Barrows named 2019 Distinguished Citizen

As Bill Barrows sat at his table at the Honeywell Center’s Legacy Hall on Thursday night, Oct. 10, he listened intently as 2018 Distinguished Citizen Larry Curless began reading the details of the 2019 award winner during the Grow Wabash County annual dinner.

“I was scanning the room trying to figure out who it would be,” Barrows told The Paper of Wabash County. “All of a sudden, it all sounded very familiar. When it got to the subject of fastpitch softball, it was more than coincidental.”

Moments later, Curless unveiled to those who had not yet figured it out, that Barrows was the 2019 Distinguished Citizen. 

After making his way to the Legacy Hall stage, he was joined by his family, noting “my wife is supposed to be out of town.”

In addition to Barrows being honored as Distinguished Citizen, Oji Intertech was honored as 2019 Business of the Year.

“I am extremely humbled,” Barrows told the 300 people attending the annual dinner. “Never, ever, ever have I ever remotely dreamed or thought about this.

“I don’t know what to say, other than thank you to everyone who had anything to do with this. Wow. All of the things that Larry talked about, I have done. And there’s a lot of other things we don’t want to talk about.

“But I really appreciate this.”

Posted on 2019 Oct 15